Toona Camp!!!!

Camp Toonalook

Our time at Toona was a great experience of camping and fun activities like,
• Kayaking
• The “famous” Shoe game where you have to throw a shoe at a water bottle and nock it over
• Bike riding
• Eating delish foods cooked by a staff member called Trish #wewanttrish
• Expo where we set up tents and sleep for the night
• King ball (full scale four square)
• The Toona Challenge
These activities were all really fun and cooperative.

On the first day we all got on the bus and watched a Mr.Bean movie then we met our group instructors who took us kayaking and bike riding.

The next day we went to see the Water police and they showed us the beds and the cockpit. A few people did a re-inactment of the I’m flying titanic scene. We also walked to Expo which was challenging because our feet got super tired.

We also made a video of Toona camp shown below this,



Please comment end on the video!

overall camp was great and we even got to skip stones along the water! I did 5 skips and I was proud!

I would rate this camp a 9/10 overall.

5 thoughts on “Toona Camp!!!!

  1. Hey Aster!,
    Kingball is when you have four circles and a netball. The positions are King (who has two lives) queen Jack and dunce. If a person gets out that’s above you you go from dunce to jack, jack to queen, and queen to king. You cannot hold the ball in two hands you can only tap the ball in one hand.

    Thanks for the question!

  2. Hi Duncan,
    Can you explain to me what King ball is? Can you also explain what The Toona Challange is? All those activities sound very fun. I would like to try them someday.

  3. Hi Duncan,
    Hey I’m Jada! I live in the united states. I think all of those activities are very fun. What is the Toona challenge? i would like to know more about that.

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